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£ 13.06 (£ 10.88 excl VAT) each


1 Sq Meter



4 pieces (500mm x 500mm x 40mm) make up 1 square metre. 

Please allow 5-10 days delivery.


Made from 100% recycled polyethylene this material is UV stabilised, weather resistant, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

First laid in 1976 the original test bed is still working well 38 years on. This is proven testament to it's durability.

Enviropave is maintenance free and is a perfect solution for car parks and lay-bys, driveways, pedestrian footpaths, wheelchair and disabled access areas, cycle paths, picnic areas, golf courses, emergency vehicle access lanes, event areas, helipads and airfield runways.

It is also ideal for various equestrian uses.

Enviropave provides a free draining stable base which helps combat soil erosion. Enviropave is lightweight and comes pre-assembled as a square metre section, consisting of 4 segments (500x500mm per piece), making it quick and easy to lay.

Thanks to it's simple joining system a sturdy construction is created with a load bearing capacity up to 350 tonnes/m² which copes easily with single axle weight of up to 14 tonnes.

Another benefit of using Enviropave is that it can greatly enhance the appearance of any area and can be infilled with a variety of stone, grit, bark, rubber chippings, and can even be seeded with grass. For instance, if you want to stand a caravan or an extra car on your drive on an area that is currently grassed you can lay Enviropave, infill it with top soil, seed it and in no time have a heavy duty parking area that can be mowed. 


• High load bearing capacity up to 350 tons/m2
• Ability to withstand thermal expansion
• Anti slip top surface with raised pimples
• Suitable for a wide range of applications
• Cost effective solution to traditional surfacing methods
• Tried and tested in Europe for many years
• Fully supports grass growth
• Prevents compaction of earth or gravel infill which assists better drainage
• Suitable for use as a slope stabilisation product
• Environmentally friendly, manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials
• Easily cut, can be laid by D.I.Y. enthusiasts and professionals alike, no specialist tools required to lay product
• Can be used with a variety of infill materials such as gravel, stones, grass, bark chippings, sand and rubber crumb.


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