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Access road in need of Environmentally friendly paving Sustainable Paving access road in Cleveland UK

Eco-friendly permeable paved access road and car parking area to cater for a person with a muscular disability.

Flood risk field before installation of Eco-friendly paving   Installation of Sustainable Parking Surface access road

Using an environmentally friendly paving system to create an access road across a flood risk field for parking at a local church.

An uneven surface to be dug out and an eco-friendly car park installed A eco-friendly car park surface is created

Eco-friendly paving system to creating a new landscaped car park at a popular Farm Shop and refurbishing and modify an existing one.

 eco-friendly porous pathway grids eco-friendly pathway grids with gravel infill

An interlocking surface system that would be temporary and could be moved and changed to suit any shape or layout.

Sustainable parking surfaces Permeable Paving on a residential driveway

To renovation a driveway and parking area in front of a residential home with permeable eco-friendly paving.

Flood risk car park in need of sustainable parking surface A sustainable parking surface helps reduce the risk of future flooding

A high flood risk car park full of pot holes was in need of resurfacing using a permeable eco-friendly paving system. 

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