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Flood risk car park in need of Sustainable parking surfaces Enviropave will help reduce future flood risks Installation of environmentally friendly paving

 A high flood risk car park full of pot holes was in need of resurfacing using a permeable eco-friendly paving system.


Duncan’s is a well-established vet’s practice in Stourbridge. Their car park was a combination of gravel, stone and pot holes, several of which were deep and frequently filled with rainwater.

They chose our eco-friendly paving, Enviropave, to modernise their car park over more traditional methods for three reasons:

1)   Cost – our solution was considerably less expensive than concrete or asphalt

2)   Water run off – we were told that they were facing a hefty annual charge for water run-off if they chose to use a more traditional form of hard standing.

This no longer applies, as our solution allows water to drain naturally through the pavers.

3)   Environmental awareness – our pavers are made from 100% recycled materials


A sustainable parking surface helps reduce the risk of future flooding A sustainable parking surface helps reduce the risk of future flooding Enviropave 4 years later - still looking good 

(This Last picture shows the car park four years after completion.)

During a recent visit Darren Duncan told us:

The car park used to flood regularly whenever we had heavy rainfall. Now it doesn’t, and it looks as good as it did when it was done.”


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