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 permeable paving pathway grids porous paving grids permeable paving pathway

 An interlocking surface system that would be temporary and could be moved and changed to suit any shape or layout.


This installation was carried out by local contractors with our remote technical assistance. The new plant lease was issued on the strict understanding that the land would be returned to its natural state if the area was vacated. 

Our eco-friendly, permeable modular paving was considered the ideal choice over more traditional methods.

The result is a functional sound sales area which is safe, pleasing to the eye and friendly.

There were a number of reasons I chose black Enviropave for the Plant Centre. We wanted something attractive, durable, inexpensive and environmentally sound. The great bonus with the pavers is that we enjoy all the benefits of a permanent surface but we can easily unclip and move sections – ideal for us as we adjust our layout from time to time.  We have filled some with gravel and some with wood chip, which brings a lovely variety of texture and colour to the plant area – and they work really well as a greenhouse base too. And you can quote me!” - Liz Campbell, The Plant Centre. 



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