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The initial site before the new environmentally friendly car park The land is prepared for the installation of the eco-grids Environmentally friendly paving car park installation

Eco-friendly paving system to creating a new landscaped car park at a popular Farm Shop and refurbishing and modify an existing one.


The incredibly popular Bury Lane Farm Shop and Garden Centre frequently ran out of parking spaces for its customers.

As they were planning to open a new children’s play barn this problem was only going to get worse in the future if it wasn’t addressed.

Situated just outside Royston in Hertfordshire, on the busy A10, car parking was so bad at times vehicles were sometimes forced to queue on the main road while waiting for spaces to become available.

Having successfully tendered for the project our brief was in two parts:

  1.             To refurbish and modify the existing, tired old gravel based parking area.
  2.             To create a new landscaped car parking area to cater for the ever increasing number of visitors.

The existing area (of around 3,000 sq. m) was re-laid using sustainable eco-friendly materials. We refurbished the base and then laid a geotextile weed barrier before installing our white recycled plastic paving, Hexapath. Car park spaces were marked out with blue inserts, while yellow ones were used to denote disabled parking areas.

This existing area was completely refurbished in time for the opening of their new play barn.

We even managed to create an area for a planted feature near the new play barn. This was marked out from the paving by using the aluminium lawn edging, Rite L Edge.

We then converted an existing area used mainly for growing Pick Your Own fruit and herbs into a completely new, additional parking area of around 3000 sq. m. This time using green recycled pavers with white inserts. Because of environmental concerns and planning requirements this area has a grass top surface.

Because of a high local water table, water runoff is a particular problem in the area. Therefore our eco-friendly permeable paving products fit the bill admirably, and should provide an eco-efficient area that blends in well and will provide Bury Lane with sufficient parking for many years to come.


Environmentally friendly paving car park grass infill Grass begins to cover the paving system  Environmentally friendly landscaped car park


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