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Flooding caused the need for a eco-friendly porous paving Beginning the installation of permeable eco-friendly paving Beginning of the Installation of an eco-friendly access road

Using our environmentally friendly paving system to create an access road, across a flood risk field, for parking at a local church.


Our brief was to create an access road across a field to allow cars to park very close to the local church.

This field is prone to flooding and has traditionally been inaccessible for most vehicles at various times during the year.

No sooner had we started the job when the heavy rains arrived, and we only just managed to remove our heavy equipment from the field before it all became bogged down in the rapidly flooding field.

We eventually returned at the beginning of May 2014 to complete the project.

After a review of the situation we added extra drainage and finished laying our permeable and eco-friendly paving, Enviropave. The paving system was then filled with top soil and a top quality mix of grass seed was finally sown over it.

The result is a well-structured eco-friendly access road which will greatly increase its usability during the year.

Having laid the top surface with soil and grass it will blend in well, and not detract from this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This was a prerequisite insisted upon by the Local Planning Authority before they approved the project.   


Installation of Permeable Paving access road Permeable paving solution to create access road Environmentally friendly paving infilled with soil


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