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environmentally-friendly-porous-pavingAny area of ground subject to pedestrian, animal or vehicular traffic is subject to erosion of some description, prevention of which requires some sort of surface reinforcement. Traditionally, this has been done using concrete, tarmac or block paving.

If a reinforcement system of some description is not used this will usually result in rutted, boggy, slippery and unsightly conditions, which can be hazardous. 

Traditional solutions have never considered the environment and contribute to urban hot spots, water run off and flooding problems, which seem to be occurring more and more frequently.

All these traditional surfaces are contributing to rising temperatures and increasing flood risk zones. The solution to these problems is to use a porous surface which will retain water, which is then gradually released into the drainage systems and aquifers.

Another benefit of using porous surfaces is that they can greatly enhance the appearance of any area and can be infilled with a variety of stone, grit, bark, rubber chippings and can even be seeded with grass.



Recycled Pavers 


We market two distinct types of recycled paving, Enviropave, a polyethylene based material and Durapath, a polypropylene based material.

As mentioned earlier in the products overview urban 'hotspots' and/or water run off/ flooding are occurring more frequently. Traditional solutions are costly, and not environmentally friendly, which to the run off/ flooding problems mentioned above.

These problems don't only apply to traffic routes but also parking areas and temporary access roads, all of which contribute to drainage problems and flood risk zones. A solution to these problems is to use a porous surface which will allow water to pass naturally through.


            Enviropave                                         Durapath


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