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Rite L Edge Lawn Edging





RITE-L-EDGE aluminium landscape edging and paver restraint...
This edging has been designed with both the landscape architect and installer in mind. The ‘L’ shaped section is designed to be easy to install and to last a lifetime, Rite-L-Edge is the perfect choice for your next edging project. It can be used with asphalt, paving slabs, blocks paving, resin bonded or loose gravel surfaces and is the ultimate choice in edgings.

Metal edgings are more and more preferred to traditional edgings such as concrete kerbs because they are cleaner and easy to install. Rite-L-Edge is a heavy duty ‘L’ shaped section extruded from durable aluminium 6063 alloy and is the first choice in metal landscape edgings for specifiers and contractors due to its versatility, strength, speed of installation and cost effectiveness.

Available in a variety of depths the use of Rite-L-Edge aluminium landscape edgings will enhance any project.


  • Permanent - no maintenance required

  • Easy to install

  • Extremely durable 

  • Ideal for a retaining edge  





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